Choppy Old Skool StreetCub

Customized by Glanet Radikal Kustom ( GRK, Bandung, Indonesia ) Owner : Faisal Asrawi, Kal-Teng   DATA MODIFIKASI Pelek depan : GR77 3,00-17 Pelek : GR77 6,00-14 Rem depan : Honda PCX Combi brake Karburator : Keihin PE 28 Knalpot : Custom GR77 Cakram : TDR Racing CDI : BRT-Bintang Racing Team motorplusonline, otomotifnet

Honda Cub ” KING-KONG”

Honda Cub ' King Kong ' version Vietnam inspired the bobber , tire pit pairs.

Bad Ass Streetcub, must see,,!!!

i got this picture from a friend, this build in vietnam. completely different from original honda C series.  

Modification Honda Astrea Star

This is photo base modification Honda Astrea Star 1993 and below is after modification   Dadan Rukmana fatigue-busting hobby , a trader at the market Wednesday, at Purwakarta. Although busy selling, father of the son is often a time to time to devote wild ideas on his motorcycle. One was the 1993 Honda Astrea Star. … Continue reading Modification Honda Astrea Star

Javastyle Cub Gallery 4

About Javastyle Cub

Cub Javastyle Gallery 2

  Cub Javastyle Gallery 3 About Javastyle Cub

Classic Streetcub World War Style

The Army Green Streetcub

Sorry, only one photo...

The Black Mate Orion Streetcub

Green Hornet Streetcub

The Pink Panther Streetcub

Honda Streetcub

honda street cub


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