Streetcub Camphill Chopshop UK

honda streetcub uk camphill chopshop (1)

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Gallery Street Cub 21 Des 2015

streetcub 21 des 15 (14)

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Choppy Old Skool StreetCub

Customized by Glanet Radikal Kustom ( GRK, Bandung, Indonesia )

Owner : Faisal Asrawi, Kal-Teng

choppy (1)

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Honda Cub ” KING-KONG”

Honda Cub ‘ King Kong ‘ version Vietnam

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Do you know Honda Cub F ? Read this….!!!

Honda Cub F introduce in 1952 – 1954, manufacturer by HONDA motor. its a motorized bicycle, Two Stroke engine with air cooled, with top speed until 35km/h.


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Modification Honda Astrea Star

This is photo base modification Honda Astrea Star 1993


Honda Astrea Star 1993 ( Indonesia )

and below is after modification

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Javastyle Cub Gallery 4

javastyle cub 4 (10)

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Cub Javastyle Gallery 3

cub Javastyle 30 nov 15 (12)

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Cub Javastyle Gallery 2

cub javastyle 1 nov 15 (1)

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