Modification Honda Astrea Star

This is photo base modification Honda Astrea Star 1993

Honda Astrea Star 1993 ( Indonesia )

and below is after modification



Dadan Rukmana fatigue-busting hobby , a trader at the market Wednesday, at Purwakarta. Although busy selling, father of the son is often a time to time to devote wild ideas on his motorcycle.

One was the 1993 Honda Astrea Star. “I am very interested to see Jadul motors, ( Jadul its mean in english like an old motorcycle ). A challenge for me to keep this style in the era of sophisticated and modern. You see, it has own charismatic and elegant, “said the man live at Jl. East Purnawarman 28/05, Sindangkasih, Purwakarta, West Java, Indonesia.


Engine Bay Chrome

All Mods were done by calculation. So that the kuda besi ( kuda besi its mean in english like a Motorcyle ) still comfortable and safety for riding. Legs sector initiated change projects. Let appears solid, the front tires Corsa applications with size 110 / 80-17, while the rear still rely on products Corsa size 130 / 70-17.

“The process of mounting the front and rear tire is quite a long time. Need proper calculation so that the tire can be applied according to earlier big tire changes that I wanted”. Everything is through the process of testing the route path Purwakarta-Lembang ( highway road ). to find any matter of good and fitting, and then continued to change the body, “explained Kang Dadan. astrea-purwa3-20140718

In the sector body, Dadan add 3/4 inch diameter steel pipe bent to resemble the framework for the rear, in order to pursue the look old school. Besides that you could sustain a shockbreaker stand behind him as well. Continued designing crash-made pipe 1/2 inch bar, plus an additional pipeline to shore springer on the front suspension system, so that swing more stable.


“Deliberately I add a pipe for the old school style. Also to try to make a change in semi-rigid. So that the body is more stable when the motor going to the full throtle, “said Dadan that Lambreta Vespa headlamp applications and stop lamp Honda CB 200 to sweeten the look of the old school.



Modifification Data :

Front Rim : TK Racing 300/17

Rear Rim : TK Racing 350/17

Front Shockbreaker: Custom

Rear Shockbreaker: Custom

Tire Corsa Front : 110/80-17

Tire Corsa Rear : 130/70-17

Source : Motorplus Online

Foto : Obhet ( Motorplus Online )

Owner : Dadan Rukmana


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